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About AWA

where all is well again

Everyone struggles sometimes

and I am here to help you on your way
to the place where all is well again.

As a child coach, I serve as a guiding hand
for your child so that he or she can feel strong and
stand in life with confidence.

About me

Hello. My name is Adela and I am a child coach.

Together with my husband and our two sons I live in a typical dutch apartment close to Vondelpark.

Growing up, I was always talking about working with children one day and now my dream has come true. How amazing is that?

In my practice I help children with their troubles so they can go enjoy their childhood with happiness and confidence.

Besides my coaching practice, I am specializing to become Integrative Child Counselor and I am following the developmental psychology and child counseling courses at the Nederlanse Academie voor Psychotherapie in Amsterdam

Do you have question or would you rather meet in person?

You can reach me on 06 10 41 69 78 or get in touch through the contact form.

Hopefully until soon!